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EU Balance of trade

All figures in EUR million. Big 3 (France, Germany, UK) trade deficit continues to increase with a 12-month average of -983.6. This is the highest 12-month average deficit of the 5 regional groups. The Nordic and Baltic countries show a downward turn with a 12-month average of -84.0 while Central Europe remains above the negative; the trade balance in this group has been positive since December 1999. Eastern European countries show great improvement in 12-month average balance between October 2008 (-165.9 ) and February 2010 (+205.0). Southern Europe is the reverse of Central Europe and has maintained a trade deficit since December 1999. The 12-month average maxed March 2008 at -1,147.6 and is currently at -832.3.

Of the Big 3, France is below the group average trade balance (-1,047.8; this is the average by group total divided by number of countries, not 12-month average as above) at -5,087.2 , Germany above at 5,197.0 and the UK below at -3,253.3. Of the Nordic and Baltic countries, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania are above the average (-170.0) while Finland and Sweden are below. Sweden’s trade balance swings from +54.2 to -864.3 between months. The only Central European country above the average (2,525.0) is Holland which shows a surplus of 10,680.0; Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg, and Austria are all below (Holland does not outweigh the group, however, as Belgium imports reveal; see EU Import and Export data). Eastern European countries above the average are the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland (barely), and Slovakia. Bulgaria, Romania and Slovenia are below. In Southern Europe, Italy (barely), Cyprus and Malta are above the average with Greece, Spain and Portugal (barely) below. Go to database.


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