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Iceland unemployment March 2010

The percentage stays the same at 9.3% but individuals go from 15,026 to 15,059 to we’re seeing a slight increase. The 3-month average is of concern as it has never been higher (series begin January 1980) and measures 9.2%. The 6-month average is at 8.6%, 9 and 12-month 8.3%. This situation is far from good, still it could be worse. Capital region unemployment is the same at 9.9% and Sudurnes (the current record holder) decreases slightly from 15.0% to 14.9%. The situation appears to be improving in the Northwest, Westfjords, and Western Iceland, while the reverse is taking place in the East and South. Go to database.

The Male-Female rate (Male less Female unemployment) is -2.9% in the Capital region which is a definite improvement from -3.7% in February, but it does seem a bit volatile. Sudurnes demonstrate similar instability and the MF rate appears to be inversely correlated since January 2010. The Northeast show a similar pattern as the Capital region and so does Eastern Iceland. West and South are similar yet the South unemployment between the genders appears to be reversed. Go to database.

In February, enterprise insolvencies were 82 with 25.6% in construction and 28.0% in wholesale trade. Go to database.


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