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There is a lot of hype about keywords and how they should be used. There is one practice in particular we want to warn against, and that is the use – or abuse – of keywords. How many times do we not enter keywords only to land on sites that have nothing to do with what we’re looking for? Our reaction: “Thanks for wasting my time.” Keywords are intended to help find things online, not to trick visitors to sites.

While Google AdWords (see Google’s keyword toolbox) is very useful, it is very easy to fall into the pit of selecting the most looked for keywords in order to pump up website traffic. The problem is that if keywords are used that do not fit the site, it may result in market damage – basically the visitor mentally puts the site into a scrap folder. The tangible world equivalent is that of a store advertising laptops without actually having any. Bad marketing.

Our approach to keywords is to ensure that any keyword used has corresponding content. It may be very brief and general, but it is still there. That way, the visitor does not get the impression of having been lured in. If you really want to use a high ranking keyword, make sure to generate the content before adding the keyword. Don’t let any SEO tell you that frequently used keywords is enough; it will do damage to your site and reputation.


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