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Iceland image survey update 1

This is an update on the post on Iceland’s image based on results from two LinkedIn channels. With 188 comments and 374 words (including duplicates and variations), the response is amazing! I present the numbers here without lengthy text as that remains virtually unchanged (refer to prior survey results).

I want to thank everyone for contributing to this spur-of-the-moment ‘survey’. Dissecting the results (transforming quantitative data into qualitative) took a while, but here they are in category-based alphabetic order:

Brands: 2.9%.

Climate: 14.7%.

Culture: 12.3%.

Economy: 4.8%.

Entertainment: 3.7%.

Events: 3.2%.

Food: 3.2%.

Icelanders: 3.7%.

Individuals: 7.2%.

Location: 4.5%.

Nature: 31.6%.

Tourism: 4.5%.

Undefinable: 3.5%.

The results are based on results during the time period Monday January 24 – Saturday February 19 2011. I want to thank everyone that responded for participating in this little ‘study’ of Iceland’s image. An update will be made available as more responses emerge. To view the actual responses, visit these two channels:


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