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CCP makes deal with Sony

Icelandic gaming company CCP (makers of EveOnline) just made a deal with Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. in which the two intend to bring the groundbreaking persistent shooter DUST 514 exclusively to PlayStation3 computer entertainment system in Summer 2012 (see CCP release). This ought to turn many eyes in this direction; after all, how can a country with only 320,000 inhabitants pull something like this off? Well, perhaps size does matter.

In order for Icelanders to keep their economy running, they have to be efficient. The living standards are set high, which demands that revenues be maximized. Material exports are persistently stifled by the lack of sufficient raw materials and labor to open larger markets (such as wool, meat and so on), but digital products and services do not have such constraints.

CCP and Sony intend to do what hasn’t been done before: link PC gaming to PlayStation. The strategy, if it works, is absolutely brilliant and rewrites game development completely. The effect is similar to the move made by Apple to run Windows on it Macs or, to put it in more basic terms, a universal electricity adaptor. The gaming industry must act quickly in order to meet this threat; keeping a lid on it until it was released might have been a good idea, but probably others will be unable to react in time for Dust514 release. What effect this has on fps games already in development remains to be seen, but congratulations go to CCP for raising the bar yet again!


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