About us

Every business regardless of size or type should have access to state-of-the-art analytics. We’re considering an ICO to utilize the smart contract environment to connect data sources to data consumers and establish a dynamic environment where information can be traded, shared and used without any need to adapt, clean or edit it.

IceStat is an experimental project run by Gage-Cannon chairman Snorri H. Gudmundsson, MBA-Marketing from Boston, who has worked with financial and marketing technologies for two decades. Initially IceStat served as an information gateway for Icelandic embassies and consuls worldwide as well as news media (hence the name) and then lay dormant for several years awaiting the information technology space to be able to go fully real-time from micro level upward. The smartphone delivered the connectivity necessary to achieve what IceStat intends to do and the blockchain provided the environment that can transform the platform into a true data exchange.

IceStat is looking for experts in various fields to help realize the objective of anyone having access to the most sophisticated data environment ever constructed. Experts sought are in blockchain/ICO, venture and traditional finance, taxation and regulation, and high-frequency computing and cyber-security.